Powering the Prairie State with Homegrown, Clean Energy

Will County has long been home to energy projects that have powered the Illinois Economy. ACCIONA Energía’s Will County Solar Farm will build on that tradition, while advancing the county’s commitment to energy diversification and supporting local landowners and families.

The project represents an estimated $300 million-dollar private investment and will bring more than 400 jobs during peak construction as well as a local, long-term operations and maintenance teams. Over its lifespan, the Will County solar project will bring in millions in local tax revenue and land lease payments to local landowners.

ACCIONA’s team is committed to using local businesses and services providers when possible, during development, construction, and operation.

The Will County solar project will include plantings to reduce storm water runoff, improve topsoil and improve habitat for pollinators.


Local Benefits of Solar Energy

  • A boost in tax revenue. An independent economic analysis found that over 25 years, the project would generate estimated revenues of:
    • $430,000 annually for Will County
    • $100,000 annually for Custer Township
    • $700,000 annually for Reed-Custer CUSD 255 School District
    • $60,000 annually for the Custer Fire Protection District
  • Local job creation and support of local businesses
  • Local partnership opportunities. Each ACCIONA Energía project includes a social impact management program dedicated to advancing education, wellness or environmental stewardship


  • Location: Will County, Illinois.
  • Capacity: 300 MW PV
  • Technology: Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels affixed to solar trackers
  • Timeline:
    • Local Permitting: 2021-2022
    • Construction: 2023-2024
    • Begin Operations: 2025
  • Owners: ACCIONA Energía


  • Will be ACCIONA’S third Illinois project after the Eco Grove wind farm and High Point solar project, both located in Stephenson County, IL.
  • Site will feature PV solar panels, affixed to solar trackers that maximize production throughout the day.
  • Expected to generate millions in local tax revenue over the life of the project, while offering income diversity to the landowners participating in the solar farm.
  • Over 400 new direct jobs during peak construction and an estimated 9 to 12 permanent jobs once operational.

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